Everyone has the ability to dream, but not everyone has the willingness to truly chase their dreams.
They believe that their current circumstances and/or surroundings are keeping them from achieving the things they want to do in life.

We, SECRADA, believe that you should not give up on your dream. Why quit and give up, if your victory might just be around the corner.

Our statment is to Never Give Up and continue chasing your dream.
Dream chasing is not something everyone is cut out to do. Dream chasing is for those who dare to take a chance to believe, that their dream is something more, than a thought or possibility.
Dream chasers know their dreams are worth chasing.
Our young team knows your dreams are worth chasing. Therefore, we were inspired by the idea of creating not just  a brand, but a movement that could help people reach their personal lifestyle goals.
By providing a luxury clothing brand for everyone, we want to spread the message.
'Your victory is right around the corner,
Never Give Up!'
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